Export PowerGold/MusicScan

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ComQuest results can be imported into PowerGold or MusicScan, if you're using either of those programs to schedule your music.


Any date range of scores can be used to construct the export file; one week, a month, three months, etc.  Additionally, you may define which of these four score fields you wish to import into PowerGold/MusicScan:


Positive Acceptance






Burn Factor



Export PowerGold form


Once you have defined the start and end dates for your PowerGold export file, click on the OK button to start.  A file named POWER.TXT will be created in the C:\COMQUEST directory on the Fileserver.  You will need to copy this file to a floppy disk, and load it into the subdirectory on your music computer that contains PowerGold.  Use the ASCII Import feature in PowerGold to add the score data to each song record in PowerGold.


Here is the format that is created in POWER.TXT:


(Song ID Positive Familiar Dislike Burn )

12302        58.4    97.8     9.1    14.7

432112        63.4    94.8     8.7     5.6

454502        53.0   100.0     8.2    22.7

92201          45.0    84.4    25.0     3.1

93201        34.4    78.1    25.0     6.3


HandYou must have information in the Optional ID field for each song to use this feature.