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Export Respondents To Another ComQuest Database


If you are conducting research for two or more radio stations in the same market, you will probably want to use the Export Data function at some point.


Sometimes, when conducting research for two or more radio stations, you will have a separate subdirectory of data for each radio station. Export Data allows you to physically remove select respondent records from one of those databases, and add it to another.


This is particularly helpful if you are testing two distinct formats or demographics.  For example, if one station is CHR and targeting 18-34 females, and the other is Country targeting 25-54 Men and Women.  While recruiting for the CHR station, you will undoubtedly come across many respondents that don't qualify for the CHR test, but would qualify for the Country test.  As you can only run Song Survey from one database at a time, it's not possible to give those Country lists a test.  But you can use the Export Respondents procedure to later move them from the CHR database to the Country database, at which time you can then call them back and re-qualify them (when you begin making calls from the Country database).


In most cases, it might be more feasible to test both stations at the same time, from the same database.  This certainly eliminates the problem of not being able to administer a test to one station's listeners, while you're testing for the other station.  Of course, when both stations are being test from the same database, there are other limitations, such as, both stations must recruit from a common pool of 5 demo breaks (if the CHR wants a demo break to be 25-29 and the Country wants it to be 26-28, it won't work).