Error Codes

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From time to time you might see errors occur within the ComQuest program.  Many times these are non-critical informational errors; something that was supposed to occur did not.  Other times, they could be an indication of something more critical; the Workstation has lost its path to the Fileserver (where all the data is stored), or one or more files are corrupt.


Generally, in the case of file corruption, we can always re-build or fix your files.  At the very least, we can restore your most recent backup.  If you have re-booted or turned off/on at least one of the computers in the last day, you will generally have a backup available for restoration on that computer, created by AutoBack.  However, if the backup was made after the data corruption occurred, all you will have is a backup of corrupt data, which will be of no help in resolving your problem.  Thus, it is prudent to make backups on a regular basis (storing at least one of the backups each week off-site, such as on a floppy disk or on another computer's hard-drive).


When you do see an error occur, you should always write down the specific text of the error message, and report it to ComQuest Technical Support.  As there are more than 400 places from within the ComQuest program that an error could be detected, we must know more than just "you are getting errors" to help resolve the problem.


When you call for technical assistance, we will want to know:


The text of the error message you are getting.


What procedure you were in when you got the error.


When the error(s) began occurring; and/or the last time everything was working fine before the error(s) started.


Please have this information handy when you phone or page for Technical Support, so that we may assist you in a prompt manner.


During regular business hours (Mon-Fri, 8:30am - 5:30pm PST), please phone ComQuest at 619-659-3600.  At all other times, if it's a critical error that can't wait until the next business day, please page us at 800-237-0633.  Press 1 to send a page, then enter a phone number (including Area Code) at which we will be able to contact you at when we return your call. After paging Technical Support, please be sure to watch the phone line that we will be calling you on.  If this number is a Workstation phone, be sure the ringer on this headset is turned on.


Standard Errors


2  File Not Found

3  Path Not Found

4  Too Many Open Files

5  Access Denied

7  Memory Corrupted

8  Insufficient Memory

14 Hard Drive Error (full?)

15  Invalid Drive

30  Entry Not Found

32  File Is Already Locked

33  Record Not Available

35  Record Not Found

36  Invalid Data File

37  File Not Open

40  Creates Duplicate Key

43  Record Is Already Held

45  Invalid Filename

46  Key Files Must Be Rebuilt (Run Rebuild Keys)

47  Invalid File Declaration (Run Rebuild File)

48  Unable To Log Transaction

52  File Already Open

54  No Create Attribute

55  File Must Be Shared

57  Invalid Memo File

63  Exclusive Access Required

64  Sharing Violation

65  Unable To Rollback Transaction

73  Memo File Is Missing

75  Invalid Field Type Description

76  Invalid Index String

77  Unable To Access Index

78  Invalid Number Of Parameters

80  Function Not Supported

329 File data is most likely corrupted (Rebuild File)


Error Reading Drive M:


Drive "M" is the network name for the Fileserver.  This means there is a problem reading or sharing file information between the Workstation you're on and the Fileserver.  Generally, waiting a couple seconds and clicking on either Continue or Ignore will re-try what you were doing, and continue without a problem.  If this problem continues on a regular basis, you should contact Technical Support.


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