Downtime Report

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The Downtime Report chronicles the longest intervals of non-activity that occurred during a specified period.  This report is compiled by simply looking at the timestamps of sequential calls made by each interviewer, and displaying any intervals that exceed the interval you have requested.



Printed Downtime report


When you run this report, either to the screen or the printer, you will be asked to define the date range as well as the downtime interval (the default is 12 minutes).



Downtime Report filter screen


Then, all calls for each interviewer are analyzed, and any inactivity exceeding the interval you have stipulated are documented.


While interviewers are generally entitled to a break during their shift, this report is helpful in determining if they are taking exceptionally long breaks, or taking more than the allowed number of breaks each day.


Although this report, along with other incidence reports, is helpful in reviewing overall interviewer productivity, it is possible for a devious interviewer to undermine the integrity of this report.  For example, if the interviewer knew that you always run this report with a 12-minute interval, they would merely have to click Dial once every 11 minutes (and do nothing else during that 11-minute interval).


Their downtime would then not be listed in this report (as their 11-minute downtime would not exceed the 12-minute interval you had requested).  Of course, if they did this, you would undoubtedly see very low productivity in the overall Interviewer Summary report, as they would only have 5 attempts per hour, and probably no Take Tests or Completes!


Any entries in which an asterisk (*) follows the day of the week, (such as the "Wednesday" entry in the screen shot above), indicates that this period of downtime was preceded by a Complete by this interviewer. As it generally takes much longer to qualify a respondent, give them the scoring options and transfer them to the Fileserver to take a music test, ComQuest flags those Completes, so that you can factor this into your interpretation of the downtime results for the interviewers.


HandThe downtime allowed for a call following a complete is 50% greater than the interval you indicate.


In other words, if you have requested that all downtimes of :04 minutes or more are displayed, ComQuest will actually use an interval of :06 minutes (50% more than :04 minutes) on all calls that are preceded by a Complete.  This gives the interviewer ample time (:06 minutes, in this example) to complete all screening, collection of Perceptual Data, delivery of scoring options, and the actual transfer of the respondent to the Fileserver, before they click Dial on their next call.


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