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Dial Numbers Automatically, or DNA, is a utility program developed by ComQuest.  It will dial from a database of random numbers on your Fileserver during callout off hours (when the system is not being used to process test takers).


After a set of random phone numbers are generated in the ComQuest program, DNA will dial each of these numbers, and attempt to discern which of the numbers are:


Working phone numbers


Fax machines


Cellular phones




Answering Machines


The status determination for each number is a multi-faceted process.  Telephone company intercepts, implying a non-working/out-of-service phone number, generate one result.  An Answering Machine is generally identified as a phone number that rings two or more times, and then is answered by at least :05 seconds of continuous speech.  A busy signal or fax machine are the most easily recognized results.


Once the DNA system is "trained" to recognize these various results in your specific market, the system has about a 95% success rate in identifying active, working phone numbers.  Of course, it is not able to discern between a residential and business number.  And although the number may be active and working when DNA calls it, it is possible the number could be out-of-service, or continually answered by an answering machine or voice mail by the time a live ComQuest interviewer actually calls the number.


Those numbers identified as most likely active and working are tagged as such in the Randoms table of your COMQUEST.MDB Microsoft Access file on the Fileserver.  Later, they can then be imported directly into the ComQuest respondent database of your choice (but into only one database), to be called by ComQuest interviewers.


Deploying DNA


To activate DNA on your Fileserver, you must complete these steps, one time:


Add this line to the end of your C:\Rhetorex\Rhetload.bat file:




Add or edit this section of the C:\Windows\VBVREL3.ini file:





Add this section and entry to the C:\ComQuest\Quest.ini file on the Fileserver:





Load the actual DNA.EXE into the C:\ComQuest folder on the Fileserver, and add a desktop shortcut icon to the program.


HandYou can only run DNA between the hours of 9am - 9pm, local time.


The program is hard-coded so that you are not able to phone numbers outside of this time frame (in keeping with established Telemarketing ethics and FTC rules).


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