Dialing Calls

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Dialing Calls


Once the Dial button has been clicked, (either selected with the Mouse pointer and click once with the left mouse button, or press Enter), the computer will automatically place the call.  The interviewer then has 8 seconds to turn her headset on, as the modem will disconnect at that time.  (This Dialing Wait Time can be set in the Modem Settings screen). If the interviewer should lose the call, in that they did not turn on their headset within the allotted time limit, they can redial the number by holding down the ALT key, and pressing the R key (for Redial) on their keyboard at the same time. (ALT+R)


Changing The Phone Number


The phone number should only be changed if the number reached results in a recording that lists "the new number is...".  The interviewer should then select the Phone Number field with the Mouse and click on it once with the left Mouse button.


The new number, including the area code, should then be typed into this field.  To re-dial this new number from the Screener, after it's been entered, simply press the ALT and R keys together (ALT+R for Redial). Of course, if this new phone number is outside your station's listening area (the respondent has moved out-of-town), you should Terminate this call, rather than dialing the respondent at their new number.


Other Redialing Options


Sometimes a phone number must be dialed in a different manner than the default Modem Settings in ComQuest provide. For example, some numbers in your Area Code might be dialed with a 1+ AC + Phone Number.  Others might only need 1+ Phone Number (no Area Code).  Still others, in the same Area Code, might require the full 10-digit number be dialed; AC + Phone Number (but no 1+ first).  In these cases, ComQuest has no way of knowing which way to dial all these different numbers, as they will all share the same Area Code.  However, there are function keys (ALT + R, ALT + 1, F5, F7 and F8  keys) that can assist you in redialing a number in the manner you desire:


       ALT + R - Simply redials the phone number, in the manner which is defined in Modem Settings.


       ALT + 1 - Redials 1 + Phone Number (no Area Code)


       F5 - Redials: 1 + AC + Phone Number


       F7 - Redials Phone Number only (no 1+ or Area Code)


       F8 - Redials AC + Phone Number (no 1+)


HandPre-printed transfer placards with these dialing options, as well as the transfer sequence for interviewers, may be downloaded from www.callout.com/forms.html


Troubleshooting Dialing


If your system is not dialing calls properly, please check to make sure there is a telephone line running from the LINE port of your computer's modem to the WALL outlet.  Then, your headset should be connected to the PHONE outlet of your computer's modem.


You can check to see if the phone line is "live" by plugging in a single-line telephone directly into the wall outlet.  If you get a dial tone and are able to dial local calls, the line is working, and the problem is somewhere between the wall outlet and your computer.  If everything's connected properly and it still doesn't work, check to make sure the Modem Configuration settings (under the Utilities Menu) are correct.


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