Delete Incomplete Scores

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Delete Incompletes screen


Some weeks there may be some respondents that didn't finish the entire song test.  If there are many of these, or if many didn't even come close to finishing, you may wish to delete those incomplete scores.


Of course, if you have the Completes Only box checked in the Settings & Defaults / Defaults / Configure screen, only those respondents who actually completed the test will be included in any reports you run anyway.  But to clean up the scores file and remove any incomplete scores, you must run the Delete Incomplete Scores procedure.


When deleting incompletes, you specify a threshold for the total number of question and song scores, beneath which any scores will be deleted.  For example, if you were testing 2 close-ended questions and 30 songs, this would represent a total of 32 scores, in order for the respondent to be considered a complete.  (The screen will display the total number of questions and songs you're currently testing.)  But, you may change the total value, to say perhaps, 27.  This means, only scores from those respondents who rated the 2 questions and at least 25 songs (2 + 25 = 27) will remain in the system; anyone with fewer than 25 song scores will be deleted.  Assuming you have the Completes Only box turned off, you will then include all the remaining scores in any reports you run.


HandThe questions referred to in this section are the interactive (close-ended) questions asked by the IVR, not Perceptual Questions asked by interviewers.


Remember, a respondent must always answer any close-ended questions you're asking before they proceed to score the songs.  This means, that to calculate the threshold for the number of songs you desire, you must then add however many close-ended questions you're testing to determine the value to enter in the Total field. Example:  3 close-ended questions. To delete scores from any respondent who didn't score at least 20 songs, means your total value would be 23.


By checking the Delete Duplicates box, any duplicate scores from a respondent will also be deleted.


HandThis is done arbitrarily; you may prefer to manually sort through duplicate scores and decide which, if any, you wish to delete.


Generally, it's not likely that any respondents will have duplicate scores.  Unless they are repeatedly re-qualified and then re-transferred to the Fileserver to take the test, once a respondent has completed the song test, they can not score any more songs in a given test cycle.  But in the unlikely event that should occur, this feature in the Delete Incomplete Scores procedure will allow you to remove their duplicate scores.


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