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Defaults/Ethnicity settings


You can track up to six different Ethnic groups in ComQuest. You can use this attribute for filtering results, or sorting song and question results.  In addition, you can use this as screening criteria for your music test, either by screening in/out specific ethnic groups, or by providing balance between ethnic groups, by setting cap limits on one or more ethnic groups in Recruitment Quotas.


The Ethnicity tab in Defaults is simply where you type the text for each of these Ethnic groups.  Each field is only 6 characters wide, so limit your descriptions to abbreviations. In the actual interviewer Scripts, you'll be able to show the exact description for each group.  As these fields are many times printed as column headers on reports, or displayed on the screen in Incidence Report, etc., you are limited to 6 characters in each of these display fields.


If you wish to skip Ethnicity, and neither ask, track nor display it, simply check the Don't Ask Ethnicity option.  The Ethnicity option will be hidden on the interviewer's Make Calls Screener, and this attribute will not be used in evaluating respondents for your music test.


HandWhile the display field for each ethnic group is 6 characters, only the first 3 characters of each group are stored in the respondent record.  Make sure the first 3 characters of each group are unique!


For example, you would not want to use HisEng for Hispanic/Speaks English and HisSpa for Hispanic/Speaks Spanish. ComQuest would see each of these as His (only the first 3 characters are stored).  In this example, you would probably want to use EngHis and SpaHis, or some other alternative which would make each of the options (the first 3 characters) unique.


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