Cycle Trends

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The Cycle Trends report provides week-to-week (or cycle to cycle) analysis of six different song score attributes for each song.  You can configure what demo, gender and Report Profile parameters you wish to use for up to five bands of information on the report (see: Configuring Cycle Report).


When you run the report, you will see the results for all weeks (or cycles) in which each song has any results available.



Cycle Trends Report


When the report is run, the end date you specify will be used to determine the last cycle for the report.  In the screenshot above, the date range we selected was 6/8 to 6/11, which is part of Cycle 17.  This becomes the last cycle compiled in the report, and that cycle and the previous 12 cycles are then displayed (Cycles 5 through 17 in the example above).


If a song was not test during one or more cycles, the columns for those cycles will be blank, as is the case in Cycles 5 through 9 in the example above.


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