Cume/Pref By Zip Code

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The Cume/Pref By Zip Code report presents a break down of cume and preference listening, in raw count format, sorted by each Zip Code from which you have data.



Zip Code Cume/Pref Listening Report


When you run this report, you can select the date range, as well as the demo, gender and an optional Report Profile you might want to apply to the results.


HandIf your database has records without Zip Codes, or most records don't have a City, this report will produce limited results.


As the Zip Code (and the corresponding City information) is read from the respondent records, if you're dialing random numbers, or the sample you imported did not contain Zip Code or City information (or wasn't imported for some reason), you will probably not want to run this report.


Also, as your interviewers place calls from all over the metro area, this report is most usable when you run it for wider date ranges (such as a month), rather than for just a couple days, or even a week at a time.