Cumed Stations

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First Station box in Make Calls


Selecting Cumed Stations


The first attribute that we collect from respondents that relates to radio listening is the Cumed Stations section.  With this question we are determining which of the desired stations have been listened to by the respondent in a typical week (or whatever other use has been defined for this first Listening Box attribute in the Defaults section of Data Management).  Depending on how the system has been set up for your station, respondents will most likely have to mention (at least) one of the first three or four stations listed in the Cume box.


Continue probing the respondent for stations they listen to in a typical week until no more come to their mind.  (If your station is allowing multiple answers on this question).


Any stations that are mentioned and not included in the list of stations can most likely be found on the Auxiliary list of stations.  This list is accessed by clicking on the Other option.



Auxiliary Stations screen in Make Calls


From the Auxiliary Stations list, original choices can be changed as well as any other stations you are tracking. The stations displayed on the Auxiliary Stations screen can be set in Auxiliary Stations. We recommend making the last choice on the Auxiliary Stations  screen "~Other".  This gives the interviewer a place to click if the respondent mentions a station that is not listed on the Screener or on the Auxiliary Stations screen. (The tilde character: ~ ensures that this selection will be listed last in reports, as items are sorted alphabetically).


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