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Much like the Verbatim Sorted By Pick List report cross tabs a verbatim question with the results of a (related) pick list question, it is possible to cross tab the results of any two perceptual questions in ComQuest against each other.  One example of this report is shown below; it cross tabs the results of two pick list questions against each other; "Which radio station has gotten better?", against "Which radio station has gotten worse?".  While this is not the best example of actionable research results, it will provide you with some insight into what respondents who say a particular station has gotten better think about which station(s) have similarly gotten worse.



Perceptual Cross tab Raw Counts report


HandIf you have more than 15 pick list responses for one of the questions you're cross-tabbing, you should run this as the Vertical response.


This is due to the space limitation on a single sheet of paper.  This report will only list the first 15 results across the X (horizontal) axis, although it can list an unlimited number along the Y (vertical) axis.  (If there are more pick list responses than can fit on a page for the vertical results, additional pages are simply printed.) The 15 pick list results listed along the horizontal axis are not necessarily the most mentioned (you can see in the above example, they're not ranked), they are merely the first 15 sequentially mentioned when this report is compiled.  (Some of the more often mentioned responses will not be displayed, if you have more than 15 options available in the horizontal question, and they are not among the first 15 different answers mentioned when this report is compiled.)


HandYou will not be able to select a Verbatim question as either of your cross tab questions in this report.


To compile cross tabbed reports consisting of Verbatim questions, please see the Verbatim Sorted By Station/Demo or Verbatim Sorted By Pick List reports.


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