Crosstab Burn Factor Report

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Printed Crosstab/Burn report


The song test results for the week can be cross-tabulated against any question that you asked of respondents once they were taking the test on the Fileserver.  For example, say you asked them to rate various "format" montages and pick the one they would listen to most.  You could then run a Cross tab report with a breakdown for each of the format options you offered.  You can see how the song tested against the total group of test takers, and compare/contrast it with how it tested among people who selected each available format option.


Crosstab Burn Factor ranks songs tested this week in descending order of Burn, and shows the cross-tabulated results for each of the attributes you offered as answers for whichever of the 8 close-ended questions you select.


In the example screen shot above, we have asked a question, which is actually an audio format montage of a typical CHR station.  Respondents are asked how often they would listen to a station such as this; None, Sometimes or A Lot.  We can then cross tab their responses to this question (across the horizontal axis), against their burn scores for each of the songs they rated (across the vertical axis).  In the example above, you can see which songs respondents are more or less tired of hearing, based on their preference of the CHR format montage.