Create A New Survey

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First, from the Main Menu, click on Data Management / Perceptual Surveys, then Surveys.



Perceptual Surveys browse screen


If you don't have any perceptual data in your system yet, you will first be asked to name your first survey.  If there is already at least one survey in your system, click Insert to add a new survey.



Adding a new Perceptual Survey


Type in any name you wish, up to 50 characters in length.  Remember, you can have multiple surveys in the system at any time.  You might want to pick a name that will help you identify the type of questions that this survey will include, for example Spring '01 Perceptual, or Generic Morning Show Study, or Media Awareness, etc.  After typing in the survey name, click on OK to save, or Cancel to exit without saving.


HandIf the new survey you want to use is somewhat similar to an existing survey, it may be easier to select the existing survey, and copy it to a new survey.


After you have copied a survey, you then rename the new survey, and add, edit or delete the copied questions as you desire to conform to the new survey you wish to use.


Once you've added the survey name, you will see it displayed in the browse box.  As you add more surveys to the system, you will see them all listed on this screen too.


Before beginning work on a survey (adding and changing questions, for example), you must first select the survey you wish to work with.  If this is the only survey in the system, the highlight bar should already be on the survey you just added.  If there is more than one survey in your system, select the survey you just added by clicking on it, then click the Select button to bring up this survey.


Printing A Perceptual Survey


To print the text of each question in a survey, first select it in the browse window, then click the Print Selected Survey button.  All the questions, and other pertinent information, such as the Pick List selected, interviewer add options, etc. will be printed.



Printed Perceptual Survey report



Activate Survey For Batch Reports


While you decide which survey is active for interviewers by selecting it on the Quotas screen, you may wish to automatically include one survey for use in compiling Perceptual Summary Results when you run Batch Reports. To activate a survey for use in compiling Batch Reports, select it by clicking on it once with the left mouse button.  When it's highlighted, click the Tag/Untag button once, and an "x" will be displayed beside that survey in the far right column.  Only one Perceptual Survey may be "active" for use in Batch Reports at any given time.


Testing A Perceptual Survey


To see how the survey will flow, select the desired survey in the browse window, then click on Test Selected Survey, and the questions will be presented to you, just as the interviewers will see them.  The answers you select are stored as respondent 0 (so you can later review them to make sure data is being saved as you intended), but the actual results you create when testing a survey will not be used when any reports are compiled. You may later delete these sample responses (all from Respondent "0") by selecting that option under Utilities / File Maintenance / Purge Perceptual Samples.


Renaming And Deleting Surveys


To change the name of a survey, select it in the list box, and click the Change button.  To delete a survey (and all the questions associated with it), click the Delete button.


HandIf you delete a survey, you will no longer be able to compile any results from that survey.


Essentially, any results you may have collected for that survey will now be "orphaned"; that is, you still have data, but the survey (and questions) that data is linked to was just deleted!  Because of the enormous size of hard-drives, and the very little space that these records and files occupy, we strongly recommend against ever deleting any data, including Perceptual Surveys.


When Perceptual Survey Should Appear


You have two options as to when Perceptual questions will be displayed:


Screener Completion.  The Perceptual questions are displayed after the respondent has qualified based on station listening, demographics, gender and ethnicity.


F10 Key Pressed By Interviewers.  If you have this option selected, interviewers can pop the perceptual survey at any time during the screening process.  This is helpful if you want interviewers to ask questions of only specific respondents at some point in the screening process, or if you want to ask Perceptual questions of respondents that might not actually qualify through screening.


You can use either, both or neither of these options.  A third way would be to ask the perceptual of all qualified respondents, and then also use the perceptual question(s) themselves as part of the qualifying criteria for your music test (Pick List and Yes/No questions can be used to determine music test qualification).  If you use both (Screener Completion and F10 key), the perceptual questions will come up automatically after each respondent qualifies, but the interviewers will also have access to the survey at any time by pressing the F10 key.


The logic for when Perceptual Surveys should be displayed is effective for all surveys (and all tiers) in this database; it is not possible to set different display preferences for individual Quota Tiers.


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