Computer Glossary

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Here's an overview of some common computer terms you might see throughout this User's Guide, or used in the ComQuest system.


Call Transfer - This is the feature that the Workstation phone lines (single line phones) have on them, which enables an interviewer to transfer a person in their home over to the ComQuest Fileserver.  Technically called a blind transfer on an outbound call, Call Transfer should not be confused with Call Waiting, Call Forwarding or Three-way Calling; they are all different features.  Generally, the Workstation and Fileserver phone lines must be in the same call block, and be part of the same call group (such as Centrex, Plexar, Star system, etc.)


Fileserver - The main computer in a networked system where the data files reside.  In ComQuest systems, generally there is one Fileserver, connected to any number of Workstations.


Headset - We provide a telephone/headset for each Workstation, which is integrated into the computer's modem.


Hunt group - This is when 2 or more phone lines are placed in sequential ringing order.  ComQuest requires (at least) 4-phone lines in a hunt group to be connected to the Fileserver.  When respondents are transferred to the server, they will always be transferred to Line 1.  If someone is already taking the test on Line 1, the hunt group (either the station's phone system, or the phone company), will make sure that new person then rings in on Line 2 (or then Line 3, or Line 4).


IVR - Interactive Voice Response.  This is the buzz-word for how we collect song scores.  Though not really/only voice, the term also refers to capturing the touch tone buttons that people push.  These tones are then "decoded" by the IVR system, and translated to binary (digital) data, such as "1", "2", etc.


UPS - Uninterruptible Power Supply.  This is a little unit that each computer plugs into.  It provides continuous/filtered power to the computer, and will continue to power the computer for 3-4 minutes in the event of a power failure; enough time for the operator to exit out and shut down the computer.


Workstation - These  are the computers that the interviewers use each night to make calls.  In Windows the application is on their Workstation's hard-drive, but the data files reside on the Fileserver and are shared by all the Workstations.  (In DOS, data AND Application files were on the Fileserver.  DOS was called "peer-to-peer" networking; Windows is true Client/Server)


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