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Dupe Check screen


After Adding or Importing a large quantity of new respondents, it's a good idea to run the Check For Dupes procedure.  This will compare each phone number and name with every other phone number and name entered in the system, and print out a report alerting you to any possible duplicates.


You have three options for dupe checking:


Phone Numbers Only


Names Only


Both Phone Numbers and Names


If you have any respondent records that have blank name fields (such as those generated randomly), you should not use the name feature (use only the first option - Phone Numbers Only). Generally, it's not necessary, or even desirable to run a de-dupe process of Names. If you have four John Smith records in your respondent file, what difference does it make? As long as they're all different phone numbers, they most likely are four different people. And if their phone numbers are not different, the de-dupe of Phone Numbers will reveal this fact.


When checking for dupes, if there are two records with the same number or name (depending on the type of de-duping you're doing), one of the blank records will be automatically purged from the system.


HandThis procedure will only purge respondent records for which there is no status information.                  


If the person has already been called for any reason, they will not be purged for you! The printed report will list them as a duplicate.  You have to decide whether the indicated respondents represent duplicate records that should be deleted, or are merely coincidental (same or similar names or roommates/spouses with same phone number).


Keep in mind, any duplicates that you do not remove from the system will still be printed in any future Check For Dupes reports you run.


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