Change Databases

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This procedure is only used by radio stations testing more than one database, and generally using more than one Fileserver.  It allows interviewers to switch from one database to another, without exiting the ComQuest program (and then having to log-in with their name and password again).


If you have multiple databases active, you will see the Change Databases option under the Utilities menu. You can also click on the Change Databases icon on the main ComQuest screen, to move to another database:


You'll see listed all the same databases that are available to you when you launch ComQuest on any of the computers:



Change Database Browse


Simply select the desired database you wish to switch to, and click the Select button, or double-click directly on the name of the database you wish to go to.


All files in the current database are closed, files in the new database are opened, and you will see the directory path information at the top of the main ComQuest screen change to reflect this.



Change Database path information on main ComQuest screen


In addition, the full-screen interviewer memo information should change as well.


HandAn interviewer changing databases will not be able to go into Make Calls unless SongSurvey for that database is currently running on the Fileserver.


For this reason, before asking interviewers to move to another database, please be sure that the SongSurvey program for that new database has already been loaded and is currently running on the appropriate Fileserver.  The one exception to this is if you are pre-qualifying respondents (calling and qualifying people, but not transferring them to take the music test).  In this case, you will be able to enter Make Calls, even if SongSurvey is not running on the Fileserver, or if it is running, but it is currently loaded with another database.