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Change Printer screen


There are dozens of printers available for your use.  If you're using the printer supplied with the ComQuest system, you should enjoy 100% compatibility.  However, if for some reason that printer fails, or if you're using one of the many other printers on the market, it will be necessary to change your printer selection in the ComQuest program.


HandAfter you change the printer from within ComQuest, you must then exit the program, and then log back in for this printer to become active.


The reason for this is that ComQuest's communication with the Window's API is such that it only checks to see which printer you're using once, when you first start the program.  It doesn't continue checking to determine whether you've subsequently changed this printer selection.


The printer you've selected is machine-specific. This means you can have other printers selected on other computers.  However, ComQuest has configured your Workstations to use the default HP DeskJet printer on the Fileserver.  You would have to load additional drivers for each of the other computers, if you wanted to be able to port printed output to other printers.


Different printers use different command codes for features such as underlining, form feeding, etc.  If you are having problems with your present printer understanding these codes, you should change the selected printer.  Epson is the most emulated printer, followed by Hewlett Packard.  If you have questions about printer selection, please contact your printer manufacturer's Technical Support line, or call ComQuest.