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If you wish to isolate the test results of a few songs that all have something in common (such as their rotation category in your music scheduling software, or the record label of each artist, etc.), you can do this by using the Optional ID setting on the song information screen, and running the Category Report.


When you run the Category Report, in addition to the usual start/end dates on the Filter screen, you will also see a field requesting which categories (or other attributes) you wish to include.



Category field on report filter


In the example above, we have entered the letter "A", to indicate we want to display only those songs that are coded with the letter "A" in the Optional ID field in the Song Library.


HandYou must enter the corresponding category or record label information for each song in the Optional ID field.


Only those songs that contain information in their Optional ID field that match exactly the information you have entered in the report filter will be displayed.  However, it is possible to display more than one category or type of song at time.  When running the Category Report, simply separate each different type with a comma.  For example, to display all songs from the "A", "B" and "C" categories, enter:




in the Show only field.  Any song which contains either A, B or C in the Optional ID filter (and, of course, has scores for the dates you have requested), will be displayed.  The Category Report filter is not case-sensitive.  That means, whether you enter "A" or "a" in the Show only field, all songs that have either "A" or "a" in the Optional ID field will be displayed.


Here is an example of the Category Report, displaying only the songs that have the letter "A" in their Optional ID field:



Sample report of the "A" Category


Notice that the report displays several test score variables for each of the songs from the "A" category, and ranks them according to their overall Mean score (average of 1 to 5 scores).  While other songs (that are not part of the "A" category) are not displayed, their rank order within the report is still respected.  For example, there are five other songs which would be displayed in this report (rank positions 1 through 5) above the song Truth Hurts, however they are not displayed, as they do not have the letter "A" in their Optional ID field.  The rank order picks up with the first song that is in the "A" category, and ranks it as 6th in this report.  The other songs in the "A" category are ranked according to how they tested overall (based on Mean score), relative to all songs that were tested during the date range you specified in the report filter.


Note that you can use the Optional ID field in the Song Library for virtually any purpose you desire.  In this example we have used it to designate in which rotation category each song we're testing belongs.  However, you could also tag songs according to which record label they are from, or use a Group Code or Sound Code (such as "Female" or "Male", or "Rap", etc.) to group together similar songs, and show how they tested relative to all other songs from the same test cycle.


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