Busy Button

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After dialing a respondent's number, you must turn on your headset before the countdown timer on the screen reaches "0".  When you seize the line, if the number dialed results in a Busy signal, simply click on the Busy button on the screen.  The record will be tagged for Call Back in the specified interval (usually 10-15 minutes; this interval can be set on the Defaults/Configure screen).  Once the record has been saved, you should turn off your headset, and prepare to Dial the next respondent ComQuest has selected for you.


The reason there are both  Busy and an Answering Machine buttons is to differentiate the callback interval for the two types of calls.  Generally, a Busy means the person is there, but they are either on the phone with someone else or on-line on their computer.  We want to keep calling these people back at a rather short interval, in hopes of reaching them once they're off the phone, and before they leave their home.


Answering Machines, on the other hand, tend to indicate a person that is not at home, or is there but is screening their calls.  We find that calling them back at a longer interval than Busy's (or even at different times on different days), results in a higher connect rate.


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