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Clicking this icon from the main ComQuest window will display a browse list of the Jobs in your system:





Browse Jobs screen


You create a Job to compile a set of data results, from a specified date range.  You can also define demo and gender restrictions when you create the Job, as well as use one of your Report Profiles to further extract a subset of data.


Browse Jobs displays 23 different sorts of your dataset, side by side.  From any of these browse screens, it's easy to change the sort order by simply clicking once on the column header for the desired sort.  The first time you click on the column header, you'll see a > symbol displayed, indicating the data is sorted in descending order of value on this column.  Click the same column a second time, and that symbol will change to < , indicating the data is now sort in ascending order of value for songs in that column.



Browse Jobs screen


Data Output


You may output any data you're viewing in Browse Jobs; to either a file or the printer.  Right-click on the browse, and select Output from the pop-up menu.



Browse Jobs output menu options


You can print all songs and scores from the browse you're viewing, print just the page (screen) of scores you're viewing, or export the results to a comma-separated-value (CSV) ASCII file (for importing into Microsoft Excel), or even export to HTML, for posting on a Webserver.


Modifying Browse Display



Browse Jobs formatting options


There is a lot of flexibility built-in to the Browse Jobs tables.  By right-clicking anywhere on one of the browse screens and selecting Properties from the pop-up menu, you can change things such as the color for any or all columns, which fields are displayed and in what order, and the font and type size used.


All available fields for this browse are listed in the left box; the fields currently being displayed, in the order they're displayed, are listed in the box to the right.  To change the display order, click the up/down arrows between the two boxes.  To add or remove a field from the display, click the right arrow (to add the field highlighted in the left box, to the displayed field box on the right), or the left arrow (to remove the highlighted field in the right box from the displayed fields).


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