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Browse Responses is to perceptual what Browse Scores is to songs.  ComQuest allows you to drill-down into the data, and actually access the raw score data from individual respondents.




Browse Perceptual Results menu


When you click on Browse Results under the Perceptual menu, you will have four sort-order options from which to choose:


By Serial


This is merely the record-order sort of all the records in your perceptual responses file.  As each response (for any survey, question or respondents) is added to the responses file, it is given a unique identifying serial number.  This sort order will enable you to get to the most recent responses in the quickest manner.  Simply select this tab, and click the blue Go to the Last Page arrow on the toolbar at the top of the screen.


Each time a perceptual response is captured by ComQuest, it is assigned a sequential unique ID number.  By viewing the perceptual results by Serial Number, you will see all the responses, in the order in which they were added to the system.


By Picklist


This sort-order will group together all of the questions by the picklist that they utilize.  For example, if you have a pick-list that includes all the names of the morning shows in your market, you will see all the responses for questions using this pick-list grouped together.  As in all the other sort-order views, you will also see the survey and question that used this pick-list, and each respondent score, including the respondent's unique ID number, the date this response was created, and a unique serial ID number for each perceptual response.


By Respondent


This sort-order displays all perceptual responses, ordered by each respondent's unique ID number.  If you know the respondent's ID number, click on the "Lookup:" field at the top of the screen, enter the full respondent's ID number, then hit the Tab key.  All the perceptual responses for this respondent will be displayed.


By Date


This sort displays all the perceptual data, for all surveys and questions, in ascending order of the date they were collected.


Viewing And Changing Data


Select a desired record by double-clicking on it in the Browse Perceptual Responses table (or highlight it and click the Select button).



Change Perceptual Results screen


You will see the full question for this response, as well as the respondent's name and the answer the respondent gave to this question. If you wish to change the actual response for this respondent for some reason, click on the Change Answer tab.  Depending on the type of question (Yes/No, Verbatim, Pick List or Numeric), you will have the ability to select or change a new answer.



Change Answer screen


Click OK to save any changes and exit from this screen, or Cancel to exit without saving any changes.


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