Basic Reports

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Basic Reports menu


The Basic Reports include 4-week trend reports sorted by :


Positive Acceptance
Burn Factor
Positive (No Unfamiliar)


as well as:


Overall Weekly Trends
High Negatives
Cycle Trends (13-cycles)


All reports may be directed to the printer, the screen or a file (PDF or ASCII text).  If you later want to import a report into another program, such as a spread sheet or FAX program, you would want to send it to a file, and then retrieve this file from the C:\ComQuest subdirectory of your Fileserver's hard drive. To save a report to a file (either the computer's hard drive or a floppy drive), select Screen as the report destination, then click on the File icon on the report preview screen. If you choose to Make a PDF of any report you are running, you will find the generated PDF file in the C:\PDF folder on the local computer (the computer you are actually running the reports from).


The weekly trend Basic Reports will only ask for an end date when they are run.  Based on the end date you enter, the scores for each week (or cycle) will be calculated accordingly.  When a report filter is displayed with only an end date, this means that it is a four-week trend report.  The report itself will compile results into 7-day (weekly) columns, beginning with the End Date you specify, and working backwards. Rolling Averages reports, which include a test period you define when the report is run, will prompt you for the Start Date and End Date for each report.


HandIf you have chosen to use cycles instead of 7-day weeks in Override Settings, each column will reflect a test cycle, instead of a one-week period.


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