Auxiliary Stations

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Auxiliary Stations screen


Any stations that are mentioned and not included in the list of stations displayed on the Make Calls screen, can most likely be found on the list of Auxiliary Stations.


This list is accessed by clicking on the Other choice under either the Cume Stations or Preferred Station lists.  From the Auxiliary Stations list, the first six choices can be changed as well as any extra stations you are tracking.


The stations displayed on the Auxiliary Stations  screen can be set in Auxiliary Stations. We recommend making the last choice on the Auxiliary Stations  screen Other.  This gives the interviewer a place to click if the respondent mentions a station that is not listed on the Screener or on the Auxiliary Stations screen.


You can include any of the Auxiliary Stations in your Quotas, (either in the Cume or Pref section), although you can't set an overall cap or specify acceptable demos for any Auxiliary Stations you include in your quotas.


HandThere is an override setting that will hide the Other option from interviewers in the Make Calls screen.


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