Auxiliary Stations

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Auxiliary Stations screen


The main ComQuest Screener tracks listening for up to 6 radio stations (presumably your own station plus 5 others).  Generally, even in the largest markets, this is enough to include your most direct competitors for recruitment into your music test.  However, in the case of generating all-inclusive Cume and Preference reports, you will probably want to be able to include a greater number of stations in the universe.


Auxiliary Stations allows you to include up to 39 additional stations that interviewers can access from the Screener.  You can enter up to 24 characters of information for each of these auxiliary stations, which should give you enough room for call letters, frequency and either a brief slogan (Q105) or format description (A/C).


Use only as many of the 39 Auxiliary Station positions as you deem necessary to capture all radio listening in your market... but, just in case... make sure the last Auxiliary Station listed is one called Other, in case a respondent comes up with some bizarre response that still isn't included in the options offered the interviewer.


Check boxes will appear on the interviewers Other stations screen for only those stations that have any information (call letters, slogan, etc.).  In any cume or preference reports you run that list these Auxiliary Stations, only the characters up to the first space will be printed. For example, WAGG 610 Gospl becomes WAGG in the cume and pref reports.


HandA tilde (~) preceding any item will force it to sort last alphabetically.


This is a good way to make sure your last choice, usually Other will always be listed last when you print any cume and preference reports (which are sorted alphabetically by station name).