Area Code Reports

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Area Code Cume/Pref Report (Percentage)


There are two ways to view cume/pref information by Area Code; in a percentage format (shown above), or by actual raw count (shown below).  Similar to the Cume/Pref By Zip Code report, the Area Code reports sort your respondent listening information (the stations checked in the two boxes of listening in the Make Calls screen by interviewers), by Area Code.


If your market has multiple Area Codes, in fairly distinct geographical areas, this report will break down reported listening by those Area Codes.  A couple example markets where this works well include San Francisco, New York and Dallas.  There are other markets, such as San Diego, where the Area Code reports would have limited meaning.  In San Diego, for example, the 619 area code covers a broad part of the market; all the way from downtown to east county, about 35 miles.  The 760 area code covers both coastal north county, inland north county, and even parts of Riverside county!  So the distinctions between listeners in these different area codes is not nearly as great, at least geographically, as it would be in many other markets.



Area Code Cume/Pref Report (Raw Counts)


When you run the Area Code Cume/Pref reports, you have the option of selecting the date range, as well as demo range, gender and the ability to run the results against an existing Report Profile as well.  Results are sorted by Area Code, in ascending order.


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