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Entering Answers for a question


You can define up to 9 choices for answers.  Each choice will correspond to a single touch tone button on the respondent's phone.  For simple yes/no questions, you should use 1 and 2.  For multiple answer choices, you may use as many options as you desire.  Keep in mind, however, that all the options must be read to each respondent, so questions that have 5, 6 or even more answer choices will substantially slow down the testing process.  If you ask a multiple choice question, most of the time you will want to include a choice for Other or None Of The Above, if the previous choices don't include all possible options.


Use as little space as possible for each answer, as the text you enter here will be displayed on any question reports or cross tab reports you run for each question.


While the respondent will be able to answer with any number between and including 1 - 9, you don't have to use all of these in your answer.  For example, in the case of "A/B" questions ("Which station do you prefer in the morning; WAAA or WBBB?"), you might only have two answers ("1 = WAAA"; "2 = WBBB").


Leave the answer space blank for any numbers that do not provide any meaning for the question.  For example, using the example in the screen shot above, the spaces beside numbers 5-9 would be left blank.  When you run your question reports, these ranges will be blank, and any wrong answers that might have been keyed in by respondents will be displayed accordingly.


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