Answering Machine Button

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After dialing a respondent's number, you must turn on your headset before the countdown timer on the screen reaches "0".  When you seize the line, if the number dialed results in reaching an Answering Machine, click on the Answering Machine button on the screen.  The record will be tagged for Call Back in the specified interval (usually 60-90 minutes).  Once the record has been saved, hang up your phone, and prepare to "Dial" the next respondent ComQuest has selected for you.


When you reach an Answering Machine, you don't actually leave a message for the person, you merely click on the Answering Machine button on your computer screen, so that the person is tagged for callback at the appropriate interval.


HandThe callback interval for  Busys and Answering Machines is set on the Defaults / Configure screen.  Generally, we recommend an interval of 12 minutes for Busys and 90 minutes for Answering Machines.


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