All Calls Done For The Week

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All Calls Are Done screen


When interviewers have reached their quotas for the week, they will see the All Calls Are Done... screen when they go into Make Calls.  While they can click OK and proceed to make more calls, they will probably not be able to qualify any more respondents to take the music test, due to one or more of the following conditions:


There are no more demo/gender cells still open;


There are no Cume and/or Pref Stations still open;


There are no Ethnic Groups still open;


The total number of Target Completes has been reached.


The reason for the All Calls... message appearing will be apparent from the red line of text displayed on this screen.  If there is more than one reason (a combination of the conditions outlined above), interviewers will see each of these as they click the OK button.


It's easy to resolve this condition.  If you wish for interviewers to continue making calls, you must do one (or both) of the following:


Start a new Research Cycle. Go to Quotas in Settings & Defaults, and enter a new date (preferably today's date). Click the Reset To Defaults button to re-initialize the caps and quotas for all attributes, then click the Save button to save this, and OK to exit this screen.


If you don't wish to start a new Research Cycle, you can always extend the current cycle by increasing the cap limit on whatever attribute(s) quota has already been met.  For example, if they've hit the Total Completes target, simply increase this number in Quotas, then click Save and OK to exit.  If all demo/gender cells have been filled, increase the cap limit of one or more demo/gender cells (be sure to put a check mark in the cell to turn it back on), then click Save and OK to exit.


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