Add A New Respondent

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Interviewers may add new respondents to your ComQuest system while in the Make Calls screen.  This function can be useful if your station wishes to solicit for referrals, either in the same household or friends and family in other households.


To enable this functionality, you must first activate the Override Setting for this feature:



Override Setting to allow interviewers to add respondents


Once the Override Setting for this feature is turned on (checked), interviewers can add a new respondent by pressing the F9 key in Make Calls, either immediately after completing a call, or just before making the next call.


HandA new respondent can only be added when the Dial button is enabled!


That means the interviewer must complete the respondent record they're currently working on, before they can add a new respondent.  They complete the current record by either clicking Call Back, Terminate or Transfer. (Or if they've just dialed a call, they can immediately click Answering Machine or Busy as well).


Enabled means that the button is lit and you could click on it if you want. Disabled is when the button is dimmed, and you are not able to click on it.  You don't want to click on the Dial button, but it must be enabled, which is its status between calls, in order to use the Add A New Respondent feature.  When the Dial button is enabled, and the interviewer presses F9, the Add A New Respondent screen will be displayed:



Add New Respondent screen


To copy information, such as phone number, name, address, city, state and zip from the last respondent this interviewer called, simply click on the Copy Last Record button.  The values for the last respondent record they dialed will then be copied into the fields, and the Copy Last Record button will then become disabled (as displayed above).  This is generally the procedure you will follow when you are adding multiple respondents from the same household.  Clicking the Copy Last Record button will eliminate typing errors that might occur if you have to type the phone number or address information, and you know that information is the same as the last respondent you spoke to.  (Also, it eliminates the need to ask the person on the phone that you just called what their phone number is!)


If you don't wish to copy data from the most-recent respondent you spoke to, then manually enter information in each of the fields.


HandA Phone Number is the only required field.


It's not necessary to enter a name (although you should, if you know it), or address, city, state or zip code information.  However, at the very least, the new respondent you're adding must have a phone number, so that ComQuest can later call this person, if need be.


Existing Phone Numbers


Once a phone number has been entered, either by clicking the Copy Last Record button, or by entering it manually, you will see all records currently in this database with this same phone number displayed in the list box at the bottom of the screen:



Existing Phone Numbers browse


You will not be able to change or view any of the records displayed; they're merely shown so that you can decide whether or not this new respondent has already been entered into your system in the past.  One of the inherent problems with accepting referrals, either of other members of the same household, or friends or family outside the household, is in determining whether it's a referral you already have in the database.  This lookup window at the bottom of the Add A New Respondent screen should help minimize that problem.


When should this respondent come up


You can decide whether you want to immediately begin interviewing this new respondent, or if you want to set a callback for them to come up later.  When you choose Let Me Interview Them Now and click OK, that record is automatically displayed on your Make Calls screen.  The Dial button will be disabled, and the script will begin with the first radio station listening box.  (There's no reason to have to dial the number, if it's a referral you just added in the same household, and you're still on the phone with someone in that house).


On the other hand, if the referral is not in the household to which you're speaking, but you want to dial and interview them now, simply press Alt + R on the keyboard after clicking OK to save the new respondent record, and this new record will be dialed for you, and you will then start on the first radio station listening box. (Be sure to first turn off your headset before dialing the new number).


If you choose I'll Set A Callback For Them, as soon as you click OK to add the new respondent, you'll see the familiar Set Callback window displayed.  Select the date/time you wish this person to be called back, and click OK.  The callback will be set, and your Make Calls screen will then display the next regular call for you to make (as the new respondent you just added has been put away as a callback.)


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