Adding New Songs

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Add New Songs form


Before placing songs on the test list for the week, you must first enter them into the Song Library.  You can add songs either from the Song Library or Song Test List procedures under the Data Management menu.


Enter the title and artist of each new song for the week.  The Optional ID field is used if you will want to later "link" the song results with another database. For example, in the screen shot above, we have used an identifier of "C21", although you can use any alpha-numeric combination to identify this song internally.


Specifically, this is intended to import call-out test results into the Powergold or MusicScan Music Scheduling programs.  ComQuest test results are compatible with Powergold and can be imported directly into the song record, if you use the Optional ID field to link the two databases.  You should enter the exact Song ID information for each title, without the hyphen.  For example, if your Powergold Song ID for this song is 112-10, you would enter 11210 as the Optional ID (Powergold automatically appends the hyphen before the last two characters).  For more information on this, contact ComQuest Technical Support or Powergold at (501) 221-0660.


You could also use the Optional ID field to designate to which category in your music scheduling software each song belongs.  Then, you can use the Category Report to determine how well songs from various categories are testing, relative to all other songs in a given test cycle.


HandSongs that have been tested in previous weeks do not have to be entered in the Song Library.


If a song's been tested in any prior week, simply select that title from the Song Library when you're placing titles on the test list.


After adding a new song to your library, it may then be selected for placement anywhere within your Song Test List.


Adding new songs is a recursive process.  That means, after you add the first song, the screen fields will be cleared, and the system will wait for you to enter the next song.  This is helpful if you are changing all (or even many) titles each week.  After you have entered all the new songs you wish to add, simply click on the Cancel button to exit the Adding Songs screen.


Checking For Existing Duplicates


As you enter each new song into the ComQuest Song Library, the keywords in the title and artist you are entering are checked against any possible matches that already exist in your database.  For example, as shown below, the title we are attempting to enter, containing the keyword American has flagged two possible songs also containing that keyword.




Possible song match found in existing Song Library


Generally, most new songs, if they have fairly unique titles and are from an artist of which you do not have very many titles already in your database, will not show any possible matches.  But when a possible match is found, you should consider whether this is the same song you are attempting to add.  If it is, simply click the Song Is Listed button; otherwise click Song Is NOT Listed, and your new title and artist will be added to the Song Library.


HandIf you add the same song twice, and test both of them, they will be displayed on reports as two separate songs.


The reason for that is quite simple... they are two different songs, as far as ComQuest is concerned! Each entry in your Song Library is assigned a unique song ID number and the results from testing for each song is stored with a reference to that ID number.  If you add the same song twice... and then proceed to place both of these titles on the same list, even if not at the same time, but in different weeks, they will be processed and the results will be displayed for each of the two songs, as separate titles in your test.


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