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Access Table Menu Options


ComQuest utilizes a Microsoft Access table to store some of the data that is used in your system.  Much of this is data that is read and written during the interactive Song Testing process on your Fileserver.


Generally, you will not need to know anything about the tables in this Access table, or even the data itself.  However, as your Fileserver does not have Microsoft Access loaded on it, we have included these procedures here to allow you to view and edit any of the data tables directly, should you need to (these are mainly here for ComQuest Technical Support's benefit, and in fact will require a level 1,000 pass code access on your system in order to use them).


For example, the Respondents table in the Access table will show any recently transferred respondents to your Fileserver:



Respondent table view of Access table


In addition to browsing these records, you can also directly edit or view all of the fields in each record by selecting the desired record and double-clicking it with your left mouse button:



Editing a respondent record from the Access table


Edit Respondents, etc.


While you can view and edit information about each respondent in your ComQuest database in other parts of the program, there is only one way to get access to all the fields in each respondent record, as well as all their related records and fields (History, Schedule, Auxiliary Stations, Scores, etc.)  That is the Edit Respondents, etc. procedure under Utilities / File Maintenance / Access Table:



Edit Respondents browse


You can locate and select any respondent in your database by any of the four primary respondent keys (by name, ID number, date last called or phone number).  After you have selected a specific respondent, you will then have access to all the fields for that respondent, as well as all related files and their fields:



Edit Respondents form


This is a procedure you will generally not need to use. It is here primarily for the benefit of ComQuest Technical Support.  If you need more insight into any of this, please contact us directly.