ComQuest’s Interactive In-House Callout Music System takes the guesswork out of music testing and gives Program Directors the powerful tools they need to make educated decisions about what songs to play. Results of your testing cycles are delivered in comprehensive reports that include full access to the respondent database and details about who took the test (and when), individual scores, and more. The depth and quality of information is made possible by ComQuest’s 14+ years of experience in the industry and is guaranteed to improve accuracy.

Our turnkey In-House Callout package includes a Fileserver, Two Workstations, Color HP Printer, Plantronics Headsets and Network Hardware. In addition, you will have the following cutting-edge technology available at your fingertips to ensure the ongoing success of your callout music testing.

  • Database manager—tracks respondents, how many times they’ve taken the test and when they should next be called
  • Interactive data collection —unique to ComQuest, interactively collects song test scores from respondents
  • Robust suite of analysis tools—retrieve results through more than 27 reports based on factors such as date, gender, demographics, ethnicity, P1/ P2 listening, etc. View some of the customized reports available

How it Works

When you set up your ComQuest system for the first time, you designate the demographics, gender, ethnic groups and radio stations you wish to track for 6 basic stations and up to 39 additional stations. These settings will stay the same unless you wish to add a new competitor or shift research targets. Each week, you will configure the specs for callout and establish maximum values for age, gender, station preference, etc. ComQuest automatically monitors how many of each cell you are getting and turns them off when the quota has been met.

To qualify test respondents, interviewers sit at the two Workstations and place calls to listeners in your market. The computer dials each call automatically, with busy numbers and answering machines tagged for call back at selected intervals. Once connected with a respondent, interviewers walk through a pre-scripted screening process that you have designed. If the person is not qualified (due to stations cumed or preferred, demographics, ethnicity or gender), the computer will alert the interviewer. To improve accuracy, screening decisions are always made by the computer, not the interviewers.

Once qualified to take the music test, participants are transferred to the ComQuest Fileserver, which plays the song hooks you're testing, starting with a different song for each respondent (to eliminate traditional "order bias"; inherent with every other callout system). Using the push buttons on their telephone, respondents begin scoring the song hooks and the interviewer resumes making calls and recruiting more qualified participants. Up to four people can take the test at the same time for maximum efficiency.

Analysis Tools

ComQuest gives Program Directors the ability to leverage music testing data to create over 27 different reports, sorted in numerous ways based on date, demographics, P1/ P2 listening, and more. Information can easily be exported to a printer or file and shared with others in the organization. To obtain more detail on specific songs, results can be viewed as pie charts or bar graphs. Each week, you can generate maps of your metro with pushpins indicating the location from which the sample was drawn. You can plot only those who took the test, or all calls made for the week. Each respondent’s street address/ zip code combination is geo-coded and plotted by longitude and latitude.

In addition to testing up to 40 song hooks and 8 close-ended questions each week, ComQuest allows you to conduct in-depth perceptual surveys. These studies can be part of your weekly callout research or a stand-alone project. An unlimited number of questions in four basic types can be asked: Yes/No (logical), Numeric, Verbatim (the interviewer types the respondent's long-form answer), or Pick List (interviewers point and click the response from a list of pre-defined answers).

Learn more about the comprehensive analysis tools available with ComQuest’s In-House Callout System by clicking here to view sample screen shots or by clicking here to view reports.


ComQuest provides accurate research results with the flexibility and control you demand from your in-house music testing solution. We are committed to helping Program Directors collect the highest quality information to make educated music decisions each week. The complete ComQuest turnkey system is available for $750-995 per month (depending on market size), plus a one-time set-up and installation fee.

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