Company Info

ComQuest, the Callout Specialists, was founded by Garry Mitchell in the summer of 1994 to provide PD's with a seamless, turnkey solution for callout research. After spending two decades in radio, first as an announcer, then as a PD and consultant, Mitchell determined that radio stations were still grappling with the same callout research issues in the mid-90’s that they had been since the 70’s. He founded the company to improve efficiency and control of the callout process, and to standardize the song data collection process through IVR technology, while leaving the up-front screening and recruiting steps in the hands of live Interviewers.

ComQuest’s In-House Callout was the first product to be released. This turnkey system enables Interviewers to call households that meet the station’s demographic listening profile, and qualify them to participate in a music test. ComQuest invented the concept of randomizing the starting position for song hooks, which made the issue of order bias a thing of the past.

Later, in 1998, ComQuest developed the first Speech Recognition engine for music testing, enabling radio stations to collect song score data from respondents as they spoke their preference for each song. This enhancement not only made recruiting easier, but also simplified administration by allowing test-takers to interact with the computer for more rapid response. ComQuest developed a robust set of output reports and graphing, charting and mapping features on the back-end to help PDs more easily interpret and visualize results. Stations that have adopted this technology have since noticed better music test results and have reduced costs by as much as 35%.

To answer the need of client stations that wanted to get more input from their core, P1 listeners, ComQuest launched an Internet music testing solution in 2000 called NetQuest. Leveraging its expertise and bleeding-edge technology, ComQuest produced this highly flexible, easy-to-use tool for collecting song and perceptual data from respondents linked from client radio station web-sites. Many of the same principles that standardized and improved the callout music testing process were migrated to NetQuest, including a patented algorithim for building sample panels to the exacting demo, gender, ethnic and radio station listening parameters that a radio station desires.

As evidenced by its track record of success, ComQuest is a leader in callout research, and, in fact, callout is its only business—the company has no other agendas. Years of experience and hard work have evolved into a set of solutions that are highly valued today by leading program directors.

ComQuest, LLC is a privately-held software development company, based in East County San Diego. The company supplies and supports callout software products for commercial broadcast radio stations around the world and aids in the weekly collection of callout information. Over 1,000,000 song scores are collected each month by ComQuest systems throughout North and South America, Mexico, New Zealand and Europe.

ComQuest, LLC.