“We began using ComQuest several years ago, and our research is more accurate and user-friendly than ever! It’s a very important reason we’re DC’s #1 station!”

Jay Stevens, WPGC, Washington, DC, Infinity Broadcasting

“We’re number one! NetQuest is a forecaster of what’s hot with our super-core.”

James Mardis, The Wolf (KPLX) Dallas, Susquehanna

“We get excellent results, have more flexibility and control…and ComQuest speeds up production.”

Andy Bloom, VP/Programming, Emmis Communications

“Want to know what your P1’s think of your music and save tons of dough? NetQuest is how we do it in Kansas City!”

Dale Carter, KFKF/Kansas City, Infinity Broadcasting

“ComQuest gives me what I need to pick the right music, and we’ve been #1 for a long time!”

Kid Curry, Power 96 (WPOW) Miami, Beasley Broadcasting

“NetQuest is a great barometer of what might follow in our callout and it’s very consistent.”

Mike Kennedy, Q104 (KBEQ) Infinity Broadcasting KC

"We've worked with a lot of callout firms in the past, but I've never experienced the high level of support that ComQuest (Out-Of-House) offers. Their software allows us to not only analyze the scores in more ways than we ever thought possible but the fact that we can dive into the data to see the potential test-takers and those who have already tested makes me very confident that our music decisions are based on highly reliable data."

Tony Florentino, The End (KKND) Citadel New Orleans

“NetQuest supports all of our music testing needs…Not only do we track the preferences of our preferred listeners but we capture cumers and P1’s for our competitors”

Harry Williams, GM for Beasley Broadcasting Las Vegas

“The results are accurate and reports are flexible. We’ve had many #1 books relying on the ComQuest In-House system!”

Brian Check, Brand Mgr., Clear Channel Communications

”We use ComQuest's In-House solution to cover all the callout requirements for Radio One in a central location.. ComQuest is the most efficient and easiest way to manage callout on the market.”

James Henderson, Radio-One Callout Center

"ComQuest gets us the information we need without fail. Once the respondent starts taking the test, the researcher is off on another call, lining up another respondent. With ComQuest, stations really get to maximize their research effort.”

Jamie Hyatt, KUCD Honolulu

"I think its great... As a PD, getting accurate results is what makes your system the only one we use at SBS.”

Pio Ferro, Spanish Broadcasting System (SBS)

"The combination of our great callout team here at SBS and the ComQuest system is like having a crystal ball when making our music decisions.”

Nayib Hasbun, Research Director, Spanish Broadcasting System (SBS)

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