ComQuest Screen Shots

When interviewers place calls to listeners in your market, they walk respondents through a pre-scripted screening process. Here is an example of the first screen designed to collect station cume information:

Make Calls Screen

Each week, Program Directors configure the specs for callout in the Set Recruitment Quotas screen. Specific demographics, genders, ethnic groups, and favorite stations can be turned on and off from this screen:

Set Recruitment Quotas

To keep track of how many calls have been made, and the status of those calls, you will refer to the Incidence Screen. Running totals are shown for each demographic, station cume and preference:

Perceptual studies are another tool available from ComQuest to enhance your music testing research. Here's an example of sequencing for a simple "What are your three favorite songs" question for qualified respondents:

There are over 24 different ways to Browse Test Results, including test scores sorted by Positive Acceptance. You can change the sort order simply by clicking on the column header or selecting a different tab, and results can be exported to a printer or file:

To obtain more detail on specific songs, you can view results in a Pie Chart or Bar Graph:

Each week you can generate maps of your metro with "push-pins" indicating the location where the sample was drawn. (You can plot only those who took the music test, or all calls made for the week.) Each respondent's street address/zip code combination is geo-coded and then plotted by longitude and latitude:

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