Features and Benefits


  • Password-protected security.
  • "Point-and-click" mouse control eliminates need for keyboard typing by interviewers.
  • Personalized, customizable on-screen script minimizes ad-libbing and deviation in the field.
  • Auto-dialing feature and headset reduce interviewer fatigue.
  • Automatically sets recall pointer for "busy signals" and "answering machines"
  • Only phone numbers provided by fileserver can be called.
  • Incidence reports track interviewer efficiency.

Test Specs

  • Store up to 10,000 song titles in library.
  • Store up to 1,000 closed ended questions.
  • Maintain up to 1,000,000 test respondents.
  • Test between 1 - 40 songs (user-defined).
  • Test between 0 - 8 closed-ended perceptual questions (interactive). Test an unlimited number of interviewer-asked perceptual questions.
  • Test 0 -1 open-ended questions (with answers in respondent's voice dumped to cassette at end of week).
  • All song hooks are stored digitally on computer hard-drive, maximizing audio fidelity.

Respondent Selection

  • Random selection of phone numbers improves geographic distribution of respondents.
  • Initial installation includes 5,000 names and phone numbers of prospects in target demo specified by station from SSI (the company Arbitron uses to recruit diary keepers).
  • Future random phone number generation is based on phone blocks from which successful completion was achieved.

Set before testing begins:

  • Defaults determine which of up to 45 radio stations will be included in cume and/or preference sample (user-defined). 7 changeable default demo cells (user-defined). Up to 6
  • Ethnic groups, with optional maximum caps (user-defined). Can be reset while testing is underway: 1-5 demo quotas (user-defined) 1-2 gender quotas (user-defined)
  • Cume/Preferred logic settings (user-defined)

Test Administration

  • Random playback of song loop eliminates traditional "order bias;" no song is always first or always last!
  • Respondent doesn't have to wait for hook to end to enter answer; improving efficiency and minimizes fatigue.
  • Continuous data collection; if a respondent bails out before completing the test, all data up to that point is collected.
  • Three strikes and you're out; three out-of-range responses to any question or song terminates the test.
  • Automatic panel building; those completing test are asked if they wish to participate again in the future. If so, the record is tagged for a 30-day callback (user-defined). Lets user control how often and how many times panels are re-called, and what percentage of each cycle’s sample is comprised of panels.


  • On-line Incidence report instantly shows attempted calls, unqualified, terminates, test takers, call backs, etc.
  • Incidence report also shows raw counts and percentages of demo, cuming, and core of all completes (user-defined period analysis).
  • Intuitive screener employs "fuzzy logic" technology, eliminating confusing skip patterns for interviewers.

Results Analysis

  • Reports and browses can be run and re-run at any time during the testing period.
  • Demo ranges and gender selection for all reports are user-defined.
  • Color-keyed browse and bar graphs display ”safe" songs in green, borderline songs in yellow and poor-testing songs in red (user-defined).
  • Basic reports show familiarity, positive acceptance, favorite and burn factor for each song.
  • Weekly trend report shows all four variables for each song, as well as the previous two weeks’ results.
  • Dynamic data collection means reports for any week can be run at any time; previous test results are always available.
  • Export song testing results to PowerGold music scheduling program.
  • Report Builder (similar to Crystal Reports) allows you to design your own customized reports, including any and all song data fields you desire.


  • Interactive online help screens throughout program.
  • Automatic paging for technical support.
  • User's Guide clearly defines how to perform tasks.

The entire ComQuest User's Guide is now on-line, 24/7.

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