Founded in 1994, ComQuest was built on the principle of supporting stations with music test results that accurately show what listening audiences want to hear, helping them to improve the bottom line. ComQuest was first with an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system for radio station callout research in the early 90s, and pioneered Speech Recognition for music testing in 1998. ComQuest continues to be the leader in innovative music research solutions and is currently used by a variety of radio stations across the U.S. and around the World.

With over a million song scores collected each month in North and South America, New Zealand and Europe, PDs rely on ComQuest for accurate results and music industry research expertise. With ComQuest, stations get:

  • The backing of a company that is solely commited to music testing.
  • Consistent results week after week that make sense.
  • Instant access to results and data. Open-door, no-holds barred access to test-takers.
  • Flexibility with multiple testing alternatives to best address your needs.
  • High approval ratings from management with the ability to substantiate test results.
  • Better ratings based on improved programming with ComQuest.
  • Made in America--everything we do resides right here in the good ol’ USA.

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