Reality: The economy is improving. Advertisers are starting to spend.

Fact: You may not be getting your fair share of any new revenue in your market. Advertisers still need to get the best bang from their buck.

Solution: ComQuest Callout. The days of indulging in out-of-house callout research are over. You need to seize control of your station's callout research, maximize efficiency, and position yourself as a market leader in order to thrive in this new economy.

ComQuest has been the world's leader in callout research software since 1994.Virtually every major broadcast group in the U.S. - as well as dozens more around the world - depend on the control, accuracy, flexibility and efficiency that only ComQuest offers. ComQuest's in-house callout and Internet software help stations collect the most accurate weekly music & perceptual research data from their listeners. Our turnkey system makes it easy and affordable for stations to deploy their own callout research - in-house - without the traditional headaches and hassles.

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Arbitron's Personal People Meter (PPM) is a reality. How are you doing in this PPM-world? ComQuest has the tools to help your station maximize PPM exposure through proven callout and perceptual strategies. Call us today to discuss opportunities for your station to grow and prosper with this new technology!

ComQuest's IVR (Interactive Voice Response) products utilize live, local Interviewers to screen and recruit qualified respondents - and then hand-off the tedious and time-consuming task of collecting song scores from respondents to the IVR system. This improves accuracy and efficiency (lowering your research costs), and virtually eliminates order and interviewer bias - unwanted by-products of all other non-IVR callout systems.

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In addition to our leading-edge in-house callout systems, ComQuest has been in the forefront of on-line Internet music & perceptual testing. We've learned what works - and what doesn't work - and currently have some of the highest-rated stations in most of the largest U.S. cities using the NetQuest Internet product as an early indicator for Familiarity and Burn with their audience.

As we begin our 18th year, ComQuest is proud to announce that well over 175-million songs scores have been collected by ComQuest & NetQuest systems around the world! Each month, ComQuest collects over one million new song scores.

Good music choices can make or break a station's ratings!


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Turbulence Research is based on the premise that a certain percentage of all listeners in your market are always in flux; they drift from station to station and are always available to be converted from P3 to P2 listeners; and indeed at times even from P2 to P1 listener status. ComQuest is the leader and foremost developer of Turbulence Research in the broadcast sector.